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Active Wool Seam-free Socks

Ideal for walking; its soft, stretchy, wicking & breathable
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Exceptional comfort for active feet

Its the high percentage of Merino Wool that helps make these socks so comfy.

Merino sheep are renowned for their super-fine fleece which is soft and warm without being heavy or bulky. As its a natural fibre, its ideal for sensitive skin. Its also breathable, anti-bacterial and absorbs moisture to keep feet dry. Plus its naturally stretchy for comfort and keeps it shape during activity.

The loop pile construction through the sock gently acts as a cushion padding throughout. There is also an elasticised panel between the toe and heel to help keep the sock secure when youre active.

Why you'll love Active Wool Seam-free Socks...

  • Exceptional comfort for active feet, great for walking
  • Merino Wool is soft against skin and ideal for sensitive feet
  • Lightweight, breathable & with climate control, keeping you cool in summer and very warm in winter
  • Stretchy for a comfortable fit but still maintains its shape
  • Naturally anti-bacterial, odour resistant & absorbs moisture to keep feet fresh and dry
  • Soft grip top gently hugs the ankle for extra comfort

Whats so special about Merino Wool?

  • Merino are a breed of fine-wool sheep. Their fleece is known as the ‘Rolls Royce of Wool by the clothing industry and is often used in high-end, performance athletic wear.
  • Merino Wool is very comfy to wear as its lightweight and soft.
  • Its breathable and has in-built climate control, keeping you warm when its cold and cool when its hot.
  • It wicks moisture away from your feet, so they stay fresh and dry. Its also naturally antimicrobial, deterring bacteria and odour so no more smelly feet!
  • And as its a natural fibre, its great for people with sensitive skin as it wont irritate.