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Cape Mohair® Medi Lightweight Socks

Ultra-comfy socks that are soft, stretchy, lightweight & durable
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Pure luxury for your feet

A blend of fine-knit Bamboo and Mohair, this sock is luxuriously soft, but still strong and hardwearing. Thanks to its natural climate control, it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. It resists foot odour and wicks away moisture, keeping feet fresh and dry. Its also blister-resistant for extra comfort. Naturally stretchy, its a joy to wear if your feet are swollen or tender.

This lightweight version has all the amazing benefits of the original Medi sock but has a plain leg and finer cushioning underfoot. Its ideal for warmer days and wont take up room in your shoes so its great for everyday wear. It also has an external seam at the toe so theres nothing to rub or irritate sensitive feet.

Why you'll love Cape Mohair® Medi Socks...

  • Blister resistant: The smooth, cuticle structure of the Mohair fibre used in Medi Socks results in a smooth surface, reducing chafing and blisters.
  • Graduated compression leg: No ‘elastic bite at the top, together with the natural stretchiness of super-soft Bamboo and Mohair, provides graduated compression over the foot and calf. This also prevents the socks from restricting circulation.
  • External toe seam means theres nothing to rub or irritate. Even if your feet arent sensitive, you'll appreciate the extra comfort.
  • Moisture management: Mohairs natural wickability means that moisture is easily absorbed and perspiration is wicked away from the foot, keeping it dry, comfortable and fresh.
  • Anti-bacterial and odour resistance: Medi Socks incorporate Bamboo fibre which has a natural anti-bacteria deodorising agent called Bamboo Kun that keeps the foot feeling fresh and, unlike chemical agents, wont cause skin allergies.
  • Thermal balance: Medi Socks natural fibres keep the foot cool and comfortable in hot weather as well as warm and snug in cold conditions.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Mohair is a hard-wearing animal fibre so you'll find these socks will go on and on!
  • Ethically produced: Creates jobs and helps maintain rural livelihoods.

Whats so special about Merino Wool?

  • Merino are a breed of fine-wool sheep. Their fleece is known as the ‘Rolls Royce of Wool by the clothing industry and is often used in high-end, performance athletic wear.
  • Merino Wool is very comfy to wear as its lightweight and soft.
  • Its breathable and has in-built climate control, keeping you warm when its cold and cool when its hot.
  • It wicks moisture away from your feet, so they stay fresh and dry. Its also naturally antimicrobial, deterring bacteria and odour so no more smelly feet!
  • And as its a natural fibre, its great for people with sensitive skin as it wont irritate.