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Eating & Drinking

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Stay Warm Feeding Dish

Keep food warm for longer using this convenient dish. A chamber under the plate is easily filled with warm water, keeping food warm for longer.
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Strawberi is a small, smart, award winning straw holder that holds a straw securely against the side of a glass or cup. It even works on the top of a bottle.
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Sure Fit Food Guard

Attractive enough for any table. The inconspicuous design for the Clear Food Guard makes it ideal for home use or when dining out in a restaurant.
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Sure Grip - Non Spill Cup

This stackable, polycarbonate mug features deep grooves allowing a comfortable grip in the hand and is anti-slip.
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Tenura Cupcap

A self-healing cap that will stretch to fit over the top of cups, glasses and beakers and allow a straw to enter for drinking.
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Tenura Grip

Tenura anti slip cutlery grips are a set of 2 grips designed to fit virtually any dining utensils, and a lot of other household items too, such as pencils, pens, toothbrushes and more.
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The Hydrant

A simple, yet revolutionary, way to offer easy access to fluid at all times to hospital patients, care home residents, those bed bound and under the care of social services or relatives and wheelchair users.
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Two Handed Cup holder

This cup holder has two hands to provide a steady grip.
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Two Handled Mug with spout

Each mug has two handles to assist control, and is supplied with two lids, one for anti-spill and one with a drinking spout. The mug is dishwasher safe, but not the lid.
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Uniflow Straws

Uniflow straws have a valve in the base which keeps the liquid in the straw between sips. They help to reduce air intake when drinking through a straw and are ideal for those who find it difficult to maintain suction on the straw.
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