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Energising Nylon Socks

Energise and revitalise tired and aching legs
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Help your circulation & maintain regular blood flow

These graduated compression socks help to energise and revitalise fatigued or aching legs, offering both comfort and support. They work by gently squeezing the leg which aids circulation and blood flow and can help prevent swollen ankles. Theyre especially beneficial if you sit or stand for long periods.

Why you'll love Energising Nylon Sock...

  • Help to energise and revitalise aching and fatigued legs, offering both comfort and support.
  • The strongest compression factor (12mmHg) is present at the ankle and this value decreases towards the calf.
  • Helps circulation and maintains regular blood flow.
  • Ideal for providing relief for your legs in day to day activities and also suitable for long periods of sitting and standing.
  • Dual Moisture Management Technology (DMM) - keeps your feet at a regulated temperature
  • Anti-Bacterial finish

Directions for use:

  • Carefully position sock over the foot, ensure that the heel is positioned into the heel pouch.
  • Gently pull the sock up around the ankle and calf, ensuring that the sock is wrinkle free.
  • Caution, fingernails may damage the fabric.

Warning: Do not wear the sock rolled down and do not turn down the top band of sock. If whilst wearing these socks, any discomfort or pain is felt, remove and seek medical advice.

Please note: Seek medical advice before use if you have suffered from blood clots, recently undergone major surgery, known or suspected DVT, cellulitis, arterial disease, circulatory problems or diabetes. If you have swelling, check with a health professional that the compression is not too much for you.

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