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Falls Detection Package

Video calling Carephone and button with a built in fall detector to raise an emergency call automatically when fall is detected or a call for help is made.
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Falls Detection Package

Plus video calling to friends and family. Plus messaging for texts, reminders or “I’m ok today” check-ins. With optional voice calling and call centre connection in case of emergencies.

Your package contains:

  • 1 x Alcove hub
  • 1 x Carephone video calling tablet
  • 1 x Power cable with UK plug
  • 1 x Alcove video and voice calling / messaging software license
  • 1 x Emergency alarm and fall detector button

This package is for self installation. It is super easy to install Alcove - we provide you with video guides and hand hold you until you are up and running. Should you wish to purchase installation please select from the shop and add to your cart.


How do I wear the Alcove Button?

The Alcove Button can be worn in whatever way you prefer. It can be worn as a pendant around your neck, on a wristband, with a belt loop attachment, or with a clip similar to a nurse’s fob.

How does it help in the event of an emergency?

With this package, you get a 24/7 connection to an emergency call centre. Any time you press the red help symbol on the tablet or your Alcove Button, a failsafe call will be made to a careline monitoring centre who will make sure a response is made in case of a real emergency. The Alcove Button can be pressed to call for help in an emergency or it will automatically raise a call if it detects a fall. 

Do I have to pay for calls?

Video calling is absolutely free but voice calls (both incoming and outgoing) cost 5p per minute. We include 100 minutes a month in your service package but you will need to buy additional minutes if this limit is exceeded. Emergency calls will always be connected regardless of monthly voice call usage.